Who We Are

Xcellent Safety GmbH is not only an importer, we have family owned and deep cooperated factories, professional research and development team, advanced technology, advanced automatic facilities and etc..

From raw yarns, yarns wrapping and spinning, knitting, coating formulation, dipping and processing,  packaging materials, designing to EU regulations and requirements, each step we have professional specialist or team to make sure everything is good.


Our Concept, Strategy and Business Partners


We focus on high quality and special purpose working gloves. In our concept, safety is the basic requirement for a working glove, the comfort, flexibility, grip performance, dexterity, cost, hand fatigue, productivity, environment and body friendly, durability and etc. are also very important, subject to different gloves.


Innovation, continuous quality improvement and success together are our 3 key strategies.

We have been developing 7 to 12 new products annually and continuous improve some gloves quality to keep us and our partners stay the leading position in some glove fields.

We provide solutions, flexible options and other extra supports to our customers to help them achieve better business, and also share the experience, knowledge and information to them. We want to succeed together with our business partners.

Business Partners

We have been supplying to the global markets (North America, Oceania, Europe and etc.) with customers’ brands or our brands. Together with our business partners worldwide, we can better understand what do the end users want, what the markets are looking for and what the direction to innovate and continuous improve the quality.